LIVE Trail
View historic locations on the map simply and easily. Thirty days location history is saved in our data centre, and archive reports can be downloaded to create an infinite history of locations.
Alert Zone
Multiple areas can be set up on the map as Alert Zones. If the Bubble Tracker enters or exits these zones, nominated contacts will be notified by text and email with a time and accurate location.
SOS Alert
The Bubble Tracker has an easily accessible SOS button. This can be used to warn nominated contacts of an impending situation.
Time / Movement Alerts
Bubble Tracker can be set to monitor lone workers into and out of locations. If you expect the worker to be in and out in half an hour and they have not left, an alert can be sent out.
Clocking in / out facility
Monitor the start and end of your staffs day with the clocking in and out function. Start job and end job logs are stored in the database and can be used in reports.
Multi Network Capability
The Bubble Tracker works on all the UK's major mobile networks. This means it is always in contact and reliably reporting.
Full Reporting
Custom reports can be created to give the exact data you require for your workforce monitoring and analysis.

The Bubble Tracker uses satellites in orbit around the earth to acquire its exact location (GPS). It then sends out these locations at set intervals via the mobile phone network to our secure datacentre.

Bubble is so simple to use!! Just charge it up, turn it on and it will quietly and discreetly monitor the safety of the person wearing it.

Anyone with the right access credentials can then lon into our secure website and monitor the activity and location of the wearer.

The Bubble has an easily accessible SOS button which can be used in case of emergencies or an esculating situation. Once the button it pressed, an alert is instantly sent to nominated contacts with location details.

Taking alerts a step further, Bubble can monitor lone workers into and out of locations and can send an alert if a particular pre-set zone is entered or left. It can also alert if the lone worker has spent too long in one location (where a situation may have occurred).

Sample Personal Tracking Map
Accurate and in-depth reporting is what sets Bubble Tracker apart from its rivals. We can customise reports to your needs monitoring everything from alerts to locations. Time based reporting is key to operating an efficient, safe and secure service.
Sample Excel Report
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