Frequently Asked Questions
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How does the Bubble Tracker work?
The Bubble GPS Tracker uses satellites in orbit around the earth to locate its exact position. It then sends out this position to the website where it is stored ready for you to view online.
What can the Bubble Tracker track?
The Bubble GPS Tracker has many applications due to its tiny size. It can be used for: • Fleet Vehicle Locations • Child Safety • Safeguarding Property • Protecting Lone Workers • Monitoring Your Pets • Showing Friends Where You Have Travelled
Can anyone view my locations?
No. Your Bubble Tracker account is password secured. Only the people you give your password to will be able to log in and view your Bubble's locations.
Why do I have to pay a monthly amount?
Your Bubble Tracker needs to be able to send location information back to the website so that you can see where it is. Bubble Tracker uses the mobile phone networks to retrieve this information. Just like with your mobile phone, we have to pay the telecom operators a monthly charge to be able to send and receive this data. We have done a speical deal with the operators to make this charge as small as possible. At just £9.99 a month (£8.33+vat), this is just 28p per day.
How long will the battery last?
The battery usage depends on how frequently your Bubble Tracker gets its location. For most usage, your Bubble Tracker will be on standby until you need to locate it. On standby, the battery will last for around a week. If you put your Bubble Tracker into "Sleep Mode" it will last for around 90 days. If you are using your Bubble Tracker for vehicle tracking (where it is sending its location frequently), then we would recommend that you plug it into your cars 12v system.
How do the monthly payments work?
When you purchase your Bubble Tracker, you are forming a contract with us for a minimum period of 12 months. We will take your monthly payments on the credit card that you use to purchase your tracker. These payments will be taken every month on the day you purchased your Bubble. If you would rather pay by standing order or BACS, please contact us to arrange this.
What are the dimensions and weight of a Bubble?
The Bubble is 70g and 79 x 42 x 18mm in size. About the size of a matchbox.
How do I install my Bubble?
To install in a vehicle, it can easily be secured in a descreet place. You can use velcro or tie wraps to secure it under the dash or in the boot. All it needs is a connection to your car's 12v power supply (via our optional 12v car cable).
What if I don't have internet access?
Bubble Tracker is designed to be operated via our secure website. But, if you do not have internet access, you can still locate your Bubble by sending a simple text message. Your Bubble will text you back with its last location.
Is my Bubble Tracker water proof?
Your Bubble Tracker is water resistant to IPX4. This means it can resist splashes of water, but it should not be immersed in water for any length of time.
How many previous locations does the Bubble Tracker remember?
The Bubble Tracker always stores the last thirty days of historic data. But, we also provide you with the facility to download all historic data as an Excel file. So, in theory you can keep an unlimited amount of historic position data.
Can I take my Bubble abroad?
Yes, you can. But, you will need to contact us first to set up data roaming on your account. You will need to give us 7 days notice to set this up. Data roaming is charged at £25/month which will be added to your monthly charge for as long as the data roaming is set up. You can contact us (giving 7 days notice) when you want the data roaming to be stopped.

Alternatively, you can purchase our "Worldwide" Bubble and service package and pay a set price for using your tracker in any of the selected countries (see here for a list).
If I order today, how long until I get my Bubble?
We post your Bubble Tracker out first class recorded delivery. It can take 5 days to activate and test the device and SIM card. Please allow 7 days for delivery.