Welcome to the world of Bubble! A matchbox sized personal lone worker GPS tracker which uses satellites and mobile phone technology to pinpoint its location anywhere LIVE! All you need is access to the internet, or a mobile phone and you can see exactly where the Bubble GPS Tracker is at any time.

The device measures 79 x 42 x 18mm and weighs just 70g. It can be discreetly worn on a belt or in a pocket. Alternatively, it can easily be secured in a vehicle (using batteries or a 12v supply). The Bubble personal tracker uses GPS satellites to track its exact location. Its position is sent using mobile phone technology enabling you to view the location instantly on your computer, iPhone, iPad or mobile phone. Bubble Tracker is versatile; it is designed for personal safety, fleet tracking, vehicle security, and workforce monitoring.

Everything is ready to operate out of the box. No install costs, or setup costs. It is plug and play. Just turn it on and go. Call today on 0843 289 1672 and we will be happy to discuss purchase options.

Image of GPS Personal Tracker

If you have any questions please email: enquiries@bubbletracker.com

Bubble Tracker has been designed to be cost effective, highly reliable and simple to use. We are not aware of a better solution on the market today. Click here to buy now.